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Category : ecommerce
Version : 9.4.0
Views : 66835 Views
Ratings : 3.667 out of 5
Votes : 6 Votes
Reviews : 0 Reviews
Space Required : 59.96 MB

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Overview PEEL SHOPPING is a free ecommerce CMS in PHP / MySQL, that is to say a modern and safety management tool that lets you manage your product catalog, the text on your website and everything else from a single, simple and efficient administrative interface.


General Features:
  • Interface Administrator to manage secure all aspects of the online shop.
  • Ability to manage the location of the modules from the back office.
  • Management of multiple VAT rates.
  • Virtual Caddie allows visitors to add or remove products from their cart.
  • Management of multiple text boxes manageable home page and other areas of the site.
  • Management of banner ads (multiple locations)
  • Ability to manage the Google Adsense banners.
  • Content Management Module (unlimited number of pages)
  • Module for generating promotional codes and value in %
  • Ability to easily integrate Google Analythics the tag in the back office.
Product Management:
  • Updating real-time product.
  • Unlimited number of products.
  • Number of categories and subcategories Unlimited.
  • Possibility to place the categories and products from the back office.
  • Ability to disable a product without deleting the profile.
  • Choice between several system zooms highlighting the picture of your products.
  • Management attributes "color" and "size" for product info.
  • Management of the display of images produced by color.
  • Ability to create any number of other attributes "options".
  • Opportunity to showcase products on the home page of the site.
Management charges:
  • Ability to have multiple type of shipment.
  • Ability to offer shipping to customers.
  • Calculation of shipping based on weight or the total amount of the order.
  • Calculation of shipping depending on delivery area.
  • Calculation of shipping depending on the type of delivery.
  • Ability to exempt shipping when ordering over N products.
Order Management:
  • Warning order confirmation email and the customer.
  • Ability for the customer to follow an order via colissimo.
  • Saving accounts receivable and opportunity for consultation on each sheet.
  • Detailed overview of customer orders per customer.
  • Issue invoices and delivery notes in PDF format.
  • Can the customer to find his orders from their account.
  • Can the vendor to change the terms of sale.
  • Ability to offer its customers partial payments.
  • Ability to view the PDF invoices from the order history.
  • Ability to set a minimum order required.